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Anyone who studies in Stavanger can receive their covid vaccination in Stavanger

It is important that as many as possible get their covid vaccination if we are to put an end to the pandemic.

Until October 1. you can receive both 1. and 2. doses as a drop-in in the Forum Expo vaccination center. vaccinations happen from Monday to Saturday. You could also make an appointment if that is preferable.

Vaccination center hours of operation

Finding your way to the vaccination center

Bussguide from campus to vaccination centers in Stavanger and Sandnes

Important to Remember

  • Register beforehand
  • Bring Student ID
  • Bring your Vaccination Card if you received your 1. dose somewhere other than Stavanger. (You can find this in the helsenorge app or at
  • Bring your personal identification number or D-number.
  • At least four weeks must have passed between the two doses.

You can find more information about vaccination of students on Stavanger Municipality's website.