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In case of emergency

Always call emergency services (police, fire department, ambulance)! For acute life-threatening situations: (notification routine and emergency procedures).

GjeBeskjed” (Give Notice)

The Fadder board wants to be made aware of unwanted incidents, errors and omissions. The Fadder board is dependent on knowing what is happening so the relation is followed up on and safety is improved.

Fadder and fadderleader

The fadders are your closest leaders, and they will be there for you if something happens and be available to you during the festival. If there is something you do not feel comfortable talking to your fadder about, you can contact your fadderleader.

Direct contact with the Fadder board

We in the Fadder boarn always wants to be alerted if something happens. Use “GjeBeskjed” or call the SafetyPhone at any time at 51 73 10 03 for help/support. Down below we have added some information that can be smart to know about - but you will always be able to get help from your fadder/fadderleader/the Fadder board.

“Sikre siden”

Here is a page developed for students that you can use if something happens (e.g. first aid, fire situations, threats):