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A little nervous about starting as a student in Norway? Not sure what the study period entails? Together with UiS and SiS, we have gotten you a game to prepare for your student life! It's completely free for you :) WARNING: It is highly addictive ;)

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More about the game
The game provides tips and tricks on how to work with your studies and handle various aspects of life as a student. In addition, the game includes basic safety training on topics that everyone should know a little about. The game provides insight into optional subjects such as time planning, life with roomates, stress management, loneliness, fire, first aid, alcohol, abuse and much, much more that you will find useful for your time as a student. The purpose of the "Safe student" game is to contribute to a better and safer study time for everyone, as well as to make it easier to learn about difficult topics. The game also helps to increase competence when you have to make important decisions in difficult situations. The game provides effective training in a fun way! Good luck!