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Examples of things you can apply for funding for:

  • Entertainment: fee for artist, DJ, standup, quizmaster, food and drink (not alcohol), speaker or similar.
  • Social activities: lift tickets for skiing, bowling, paintball, curling, prizes or similar.

Criteria for application

  • Minimum 15 participating students.
  • All participants must be students who pay semester fees to SiS.
  • Up to NOK 200 per participating student, maximum NOK 30,000
  • The funds must only be used for concrete activities for students, and planned/implemented by or in collaboration with current students.
  • The event must be free to attend for students.
  • Good activities that include many students will be prioritized over activities that include fewer.
  • The measures must be a low-threshold offer and focus on inclusion.
  • The funds must be used for events that take place in the current semester and no later than 01.12.22.
  • Documentation is required for all costs and expenses.
  • If the application is partially or fully approved, a simple report must be submitted afterwards.
  • When funds have been granted, a report must be written no later than 10 days after the end of the event and no later than 10th of December in order to receive payment by 31th of December.
  • It is not a requirement that all criteria are met, but in a prioritization situation emphasis will be placed on how large a proportion of the student body can possibly be reached with a given event and that the measure contributes to a varied offer for the students.
  • The applicant is made aware of the granting of event support through the contact person in the application. Awarded support is paid out when the report from the event has been submitted and processed.
  • If it is desired to reallocate granted funds, this must be clarified in advance.

What should the application contain?

The application is sent electronically via a form on our website.
All fields must be filled in. Budget and program for the event are attached.
Any supplementary information for the application is attached.

Other information:

  • The project group can request additional information beyond what appears in the guidelines, as well as carry out checks/random checks of accounts, the number of participants and more.
  • If there are 30 participants or fewer, SiS can request a list of names and student numbers for the participants.
  • Participating non-students must themselves pay a personal share at least equivalent to the support from SiS.
  • It must be stated that the event is supported by SiS on all marketing surfaces used.
  • Arrangements with a financial surplus, or which are part of, or linked to, teaching, will not receive support.


  • Applications under NOK 20,000 must be sent at least 10 working days before the event date.
  • Applications over NOK 20,000 must be sent to SiS at least 14 days before the event date.
  • Accounts and copies of receipts must be sent to SiS no later than 10 days after the end of the event.
  • For events that receive support of NOK 25,000 or more, the accounts must be audited.
  • Awarded support is paid when a report with all documentation from the event has been submitted.

Questions are directed to the student group by email: