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Main Admission

The deadline for the main distribution of housing is April 15th. This distribution is done by lottery where the first-year students are prioritized. Families with children are prioritized in the distribution of family housing.

Couples without children are prioritized in the distribution of two-room housing. Read more in Tildeling.

Applications after the main admission are on July 22nd at 12.00 PM.

If you are put on a waiting list after the main admission, the list will be deleted on July 22nd. If you still wish to apply for housing, you have to renew your application after 12.00 PM. Remember to hurry because first come, first served.

Accepting and Signing Contracts

The deadline for accepting and signing is 3 days after the distribution of your housing contract. This applies all year, except the first-come, first-served distribution on July 22nd. The deadline then is 3 days.

Cancellation of your Housing Contract

If you have been distributed housing and signed the contract after the main admission, the deadline for canceling the contract is before July 22th. If the contract is not canceled, you have to pay rent for 2 months.

Register your housing application

How to sign your contract

How to cancel your contract