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Remember to apply early for housing, even if you have not been admitted yet. You find an overview of every housing in the housing overview. Remember to do research to find the exact housing you want to prioritize.

It is possible to compare your wishes in the shopping cart. We suggest you apply for the maximum number of housing (3). Then you have a bigger chance of being offered housing.

When you send your application, you will get a confirmation. How you want to receive the confirmation is optional, and you can choose between receiving an e-mail, SMS, or a push notification in the app. You will also be notified about important information, for example, if you have to renew your application or you are offered a new contract.

Registrer your housing application



If you have documents that should be added to your application, you can send those to our email. This could be documents proving you are handicapped, or a medical certificate with significance for your housing.