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Fire safety in SiS housing

Fire safety in SiS housing

To maintain fire safety in our housing, you must get to know the procedure. For example lack of reaction by alarm og fire, use of non-approved equipment, etc. can result in criminal liability or economic responsibility. It is not allowed to bring your own stove. It is only allowed to use approved electrical equipment. See rules of order and your rental contract for more information.

Fire instructions
  • The fire department will be alerted when the fire alarm goes off.
  • The emergency number in case of fire, call 110. (The housing in Starveien is not connected to the fire central)
  • Help others - try to extinguish the fire if possible. (You can see the fire's location on the display on the fire central)
  • Close doors and windows.
  • Wheelchair users: If you do not get help, stay in your room or balcony, call the fire department nr. 110, and wait for help.
  • Residents gather on the outside of the building, be visible but not be of hindrance to the fire department.
  • When there is a false alarm, - wait for the signal to go back inside.

If the alarm is triggered by accident (steam, cooking, showering, etc.):

  • Call the fire department - nr. 110. Inform about the false alarm, even though they are on their way.
  • Turn the alarm off on the fire central (instructions at the main entrance).
  • Meet the fire department.
Extinguishing equipment

Get to know where the extinguishing equipment is placed. This is available in every housing. The most common equipment is the powder apparatus, but you can also find fire hoses.

Escape route

When there is a fire, it is valuable for the evacuation that you know the escape route. The elevator shall not be used during a fire. Escape route and emergency entrances must not be blocked, in case of evacuation. This is a demand from the fire department. If the emergency entrances are blocked, SiS will pursue and charge for damage to property and risk of health. (This means that it is not allowed to place garbage, shoes, boxes, etc. in corridors and stair rooms).

How to avoid alarms in your housing
  • Never leave the stove when you cook.
  • The one who turned on the stove must remember to turn the stove off.
  • Always use the ventilator when you cook. Always place the waffle iron, toaster, kettle, etc. underneath the ventilator.
  • Keep stoves and pans clean. Burned remains can cause the alarm to go off.
  • Fire detector must not be dismantled or covered.

If irresponsibility is discovered or the fire department keeps being alerted, the costs will fall on the resident.
Our fire alarm system is developed to alert fire in the best way possible. This is continually tested and maintained.

Fire central

Get to know the central. If you want more training, contact SiS housing.
The fire central and instructions are placed by the main entrance to the building. When the alarm goes off, it will show in the fire central where the fire is located or where the false alarm is. This is important to be able to extinguish fire and evacuation. The landlord always has the main key.

When false alarm

Remember to alert the fire department as fast as possible to stop them from arriving unnecessarily.

We thank you for taking the time to read this thoroughly and hope you contact us if you have questions.

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