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From and including 15 August 2022, the following prices apply in SiS kindergarten:
Students: NOK NOK 2,720 per month
Non-students: NOK NOK 3,050 per month
Food allowance NOK 470 per month
Parental payment at the student price does not apply to student children whose parents are entitled to a reduced parental payment from the municipality.
A 30% discount is given for child number two, and 50% for child number three.

Reduced parental payment

For those who have a low income, it is possible to apply for reduced parental payment.

You can apply for reduced payment for a nursery place if the nursery payment amounts to more than 6% of the family's income.

You can apply for free core time if the household has a total income that is lower than NOK 598,825. This applies to 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds.

You must apply for a reduced parental payment via your municipality's website.

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Novarmen 10, Hafrsfjord

Opening hours

Monday: 07:30-16:30

Tuesday: 07:30-16:30

Wednesday: 07:30-16:30

Thursday: 07:30-16:30

Friday: 07:30-16:30

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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