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The following prices are applicable from January 15th, 2021:

Students: kr. 2.985,- per month
Non-students: kr. 3.315,- per month

Parental payments with student pricing are not apliccable for children of students where the parents have the right to reduced parental payment from the municipality.

You will receive a 30% discount for your second child, and 50% for your third child.

Reduced parental payment

People with low income can apply for reduced parental payment.

You can apply for reduced payment for a kindergarten spot if the payment constitutes more than 6 % of the family income.

You can apply for free core time if your houshold has a combined income of kless than kr. 566.100,-. This applies to 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-year olds.

You can apply for reduced parental payment via your municipality's webpage.