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1. Ownership and Operation

1. The Kindergarten is owned and operated by Studentsamskipnaden in Stavanger (SiS).

2. The Kindergarten is Operated in Accordance with

2.1 The law regarding kindergartens and the current rules and regulations.

2.2 Decisions by the SiS board.

2.3 The goal setting document and annual plan for the kindergarten.

3. The Parents' Committee (FAU) and The Cooperation Committee (SU)

The Parents' Committee (FAU)

  • FAU is chosen by the parents' council, which consists of parents/guardians of children in the SiS Kindergarten.
  • FAU has 6 members and 6 deputy members.
  • The election period consists of one kindergarten year and lasts from August to August.
  • FAU is to ensure healthy cooperation between the kindergarten and the children's homes. (Law regarding kindergartens §4)
  • FAU organizes itself.

The Cooperation Comittee (SU)

  • SU has 6 members who are chosen like this:
  • 2 parent representatives chosen by FAU
  • 2 staff representatives, chosen by staff in the SiS Kindergarten
  • 1 municipal representative, chosen by Sola Municipality
  • 1 owner representative, chosen by the SiS board.
  • The General Manager has the right to join meetings, speak and make suggestions.
  • The election period consists of one kindergarten year and lasts from August to August.
  • SU is an advisory, contact-creating, and coordinating organ. (Law regarding kindergartens § 4)
  • SU organizes itself.

4. Admission

4.1 Admissions are conducted by the General Manager.

4.2 There are two admissions during the year. The main admissions, with the applicaton deadline on February 1, and the supplementary admissions for new students, with the deadline on August 1.

4.3 Admission rules, and criteria for retaining a spot in the kindergarten

  • One parent has to be a full-time student at an educational institution affiliated with SiS.
  • The semester fee has to have been paid.
  • First-year students have to supply proof of admission at the start of a new kindergarten year.
  • Other students have to supply confirmation of study progression, meaning they have acquired 60 % of 60 credits, which has to be documented at the beginning of a new kindergarten year.
  • Documentation of continued right to study.
  • Documentation of maternity leave exempts one from the requirement of acquired credits for that/those semester/s.
  • All invoices for the kindergarten spot have been paid.
  • Exemptions § 4,9

Children with lasting disabilities, who have been assessed by an expert to benefit from the kindergarten, and who are residing in Sola Municipality will be prioritized. Law regarding kindergartens § 13.

4.4 Applications for children of the educational managers in the SiS Kindergarten are prioritized at the same level as for children of students. The director conducts admission of these children.

4.5 Siblings of children attending the SiS kindergarten can be prioritized during admissions.

4.6 Spots can be allocated to non-student applicants if there are no applicants who qualify according to points 4.2, 4.3, or 4.4. Children of employees of the SiS Kindergarten, SiS, the SiS Sportscenter, and employees of the affiliated schools will in that case be prioritized. The spot will afterward be retained for as long as the employment continues.

4.7 During admissions emphasis should be placed on the group composition is as good as possible according to the Law regardig kindergartens.

4.8 Children will keep their spot in the kindergarten for as long as at least one parent is a student and satisfies the criteria for the allocation of a kindergarten spot.

4.9 Children over the age of three can retain their spot until compulsory school age, even if the parents do not satisfy the criteria of admissions.

4.10 The termination period is two months starting on the 15th of each month.

4.11 Students who have received a spot in the kindergarten can apply for one year of leave, from August 15. to August 14.

4.12 Rejected applications can be appealed according to the regulations regarding procedural rules of admissions to kindergartens and the Public Administrations Act.

5. Hours of Operation

5.1. The kindergarten year is counted from August 15. to August 14. The hours of operation are from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. The Kindergarten is closed on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday, and from Christmas Eve to January 1.

5.2 There will be five planning days throughout the kindergarten year, during which the kindergarten will be closed.

6. Vacation

6.2 All children must have four weeks of vacation during the year. three of these have to be continuous in the period between June 1. and September 1.

6.3 Parents have to notify the kindergarten before April 1. regarding when the children will go on summer vacation.

6.4 Children who will not continue at the kindergarten will have to use their vacation by the time they finish their year on August 14.

7. Payment

7.1 Rates are determined by the SiS board and are due in advance on the 15th of each month.

7.2 Food is covered by a supplementary payment.

8. Sickness

8.1 If a child is sick or absent for other reasons the kindergarten must be notified.

8.2 In cases where there is doubt it is up to the General Manager to decide whether the child can stay in the kindergarten.

9. Responsibility

9.1 SiS has accident insurance for the children.

10. Health and Safety

10.1 SiS has an internal control system based on current rules and regulations, including regulations regarding systematic health, environment, and safety work in companies.