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SiS social pot

Ministry of Education has provided money for arranging social events for students in the autumn of 2021. Now you can apply for funding to arrange events for students! Everyone can apply, as long as you meet the following criteria.

NB: You do not automatically get funding even though you meet the criteria. A group of hired students will prioritize the applications. Therefore, please give as much information as possible about the event.


  • The funding will only be used on concrete activities for students, and include coordination by students.
  • The event will be easy for students to participate on and will have focus on inclusion. Therefore, it also has to be free for students to attend the event.
  • The activities will take place in accordance with the covid-restrictions at the time of the activity.
  • The funding given has to be used in 2021.
  • You are obligated to document all expenses.
  • If the application is partially or completely approved, a simple report must be submitted afterwards through this form latest two weeks after the event.
  • The funding given that is not used in accordance with the application must be returned. If you want to use the funding given in a different way, this must be clarified in advance.
  • No funding can be used to cover alcohol expenses.

Here you can find the application form.

Any questions about this application opportunity should be directed to the student employee and coordinating project manager Alva Eide.