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Who can apply?

All student organizations, except:

  • Velferdstinget, StOr/BIS/the student councils/Parliments
  • Folken, BI-kroa, Tappetårnet and other student bars/places
  • Established yearly events, such as Fadder, Jentemiddagen, Masterfesten, Husfesten etc.

Groups of students who have paid the semester fee to SiS, can apply for funding for social events up to three times per semester

What, and how much can you apply for?

Student events which aim to strenghten the social environment.

Minimum 20 participating students. Exceptions will be made for events hosted by students from institutions where the classes can consist of less than 20 students

Please note that you cannot apply for funding for food and drinks. You can apply for funding for:

Entertainment: remuneration for artists, DJs, standup comedians, quizmasters, lecturers etc.

Social activities: tickets to the ski lift, if you’re going skiing, bowling, paintball, curling, prizes for contests etc.

Minimum 2/3 of the participants must be students who have paid the semester fee to SiS

Up to 100 NOK per participating student, up to a maximum of 50.000 NOK

Events where students from all educational institutions are invited, can receive up to 75.000 NOK in support. The maximum support per student is still 100 NOK

What the application has to contain

The application must be sent electronically, using the form on this page.

A budget for the event must be added to the application, and you also have to give an overview of the event

Any other relevant information must be included in your application


We reserve the right to request information other than that specified in these guidelines. We also reserve the right to do random checks of final accounts, the number of participants and more

If the event has 30 participants or less, SiS reserves the right to demand a list of names and students numbers for the participants

Participating non-students have to pay for themselves. Each non-student has to minimum pay an amount equal to the support from SiS per student

If you are using any PR or marketing for the event, you are required to inform your audience that the event is sponsored by SiS

Events that have an economic profit will not be supported. Neither will events related to the education at the different institutions

Application processing

If the information given in your application has changed, SiS has to be notified immediately. Your application will then be reconsidered.

If the numbers from your budget and final account do not add up (disregarding a normal deviation between the two), the support from SiS may be reduced or removed

Applicants can appeal a decision regarding an application to the board of directors in SiS. This has to be done within 14 days after receiving an answer regarding your application

Applications that are principal in nature, or request support of 25.000 NOK or more, has to be decided by the board of directors in SiS

Both the adminitration and the board of directors can excercise judgement inn all cases


Applications for less than 25.000 NOK must be sent to SiS at least 10 working days before the event is to take place

Applications for 25.000 NOK or more must be sent to SiS at least one month before the event is to take place

A final account and copies of all receipts must be sent to SiS within one month after the event is over. For events receiving 25.000 NOK or more in support, the final account has to be revised