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The talented Ruben has over 350 million streams, and has quickly established himself as one of Norway's big pop hopes. Ruben has also collaborated with Norwegian talents such as Kygo, Alan Walker & Arif. With one Spellemann Prize for the song of the year and four nominations, as well as more than 800 days on Norway's Spotify Top 50 list, he will come to Stavanger on November 13th to wow us! Ruben is a wonderful live artist, and we look forward to a great concert experience:)

SiS of course covers the ticket, and it is free for you to participate :) Remember to unsubscribe within 48 hours before the event if you can't go after all, otherwise you deprive some other student of the opportunity to go, and you can be billed NOK. 315 for the ticket (Folken will have a name list at the door). We remind you that sign-offs happens here.

But why would you ever want to sign off this event? We'll see you there!:)

Ps, remember your student-ID and valid ID.