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Do you know employees at SiS that have conducted themselves in an unacceptable or inappropriate way towards students, employees or others? Don't hesitate to notify us.

A relationship is considered inappropriate if it violates laws, regulations, internal routines or ethical norms.

We guarantee that it is safe for you to notify us and that your case will be followed up.

You can notify anonymously if you so wish. Note that anonymity limits our opportunity to do anything about matters worthy of criticism. A good alternative to anonymity is that you ask for your name to remain confidential.

Remember that the educational institutions (University of Stavanger, VID Stavanger, BI Stavanger, Kunstskolen i Stavanger, Noroff Stavanger) have their own routines for reporting. Reporting in SiS only applies to our departments, which include:

  • SiS kindergarten
  • SiS housing
  • SiS health
  • SiS café
  • SiS sports center

Handling of reports

Your report is received by our CEO. He/she will involve the department head of the department the notice applies to.

If the report applies to a department head, he or she will not be part of the case. The notice will then be processed by the CEO.

Reports concerning the CEO

If your report concerns the CEO, we kindly ask you to send it in paper format to the chairman of the SiS board. Click here for a printable notice form (PDF). You can also find printed forms in the SiS housing front desk in Kitty Kiellands Hus and at the front desk of SiS sports center.

Here is an overview of the SiS board, and the up-to-date e-mail address of the chairman. Click the button «Department heads and contacts». You can choose between sending a picture of the paper form by e-mail, or you can ask for a postal address. Note that e-mails are usually not sent through an encrypted server.

If you haven't sent in an anonymous notice, you will get a reply within two weeks.

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