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SiS helse (SiS health services)

NOTE: When contacting SiS health to use our services, you are at the same time accepting that we can send you information about time and date for your sessions via SMS and e-mail.

Student counselling (one councelling session)
This service is unavailable until 2 August

We offer conversation therapy, advice and guidance via video or out on a stroll. When you book an appointment, you will receive an SMS with information, and ask you to answer us by e-mail what you want.

You can talk to one of our counsellors by following this link. Then follow the steps below. This only works if you have a Norwegian telephone number, and Norwegian ID-number. If you don’t have this, you can contact our counsellors by sending an e-mail to

  1. Click bestill time and choose one of the available dates, counsellors and time.
  2. Click bestill.
  3. Click yes.
  4. Write you Norwegian ID-number in the empty field.
  5. Click neste.
  6. Write your telephone number in the empty field. You’ll then recieve an SMS with a code.
  7. Write the code in the empty field.
  8. Click Log in.

Student counselling (treatment) This service is unavailable until 2 August.

We can help you overcome light psychiatric problems related to your life as a student and young adult, as well as different kinds of life crises. Our treatment program is limited to around six councelling sessions. Out goal is to make you a more robust person, so that you can deal with challenges in a better way.

Treatment from SiS health is a cooperation between student and councellor. We expect that you show up for your sessions and that you work with your problems during your free time, as well.

If you wish to sign up for treatment, you have to fill out a mapping form. Use Bank-ID to log in. When you’re done, we’ll send you a confirmation that we have received your application.

Psychologist service via video:

Please call 913 13 078 to book an online-session with a psychologist. Due to a reorganization of our health services, for the time being it is not possible to book a session with our psychologists on campus. We’re sorry for the temporary inconvenience.