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Need for councelling?

Before you get started

Before you get started

Being a student is exciting, but also demanding, and sometimes your days may be difficult.

We want to help you so that you can take care of your own mental health being a busy student.

SiS helse (SiS health) is a supplement to the public health service, and we don’t prioritize the waiting list according to the nature of your problems. We offer psychotherapy, health advice, and counseling. The offer is open to all students in Stavanger and Sandnes.

It is possible to get a video appointment if you want (or need) it, if so - please let us know.

The councelling can take place during a walk in a quiet area somewhere near campus. This can be requested during online booking for your drop-in session.

If you have serious psychological problems, or need urgent care, please contact your general practitioner.

Common inquiries

When it's urgent

The first step

The first step

Studenttelefonen (Student-phone-line)

It’s a free, anonymous and countrywide low-threshold offer for all students in Norway.
Opening hours from 05:00pm-07:00am every day.

Assisted self-help

The tools contains engaging content, exercises and tasks available to you.


The student-priest has a duty of confidentiality and lots of experience as a conversation partner.

Step two

Step two

Video consultation with a psychologist

Here you can book a free video consultation with a psychologist

Book drop-in councelling session with a therapist

We adapt the location/channel to your preference

Short-term therapy

We offer treatment of mild mental disorders.

Step three

Group counseling

We offer conversational therapy in groups and psychoeducational groups that discuss different themes.