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Video consultation with a psychologist

Here you can book a free video consultation with a psychologist. You will get started with the councelling sessions quickly, and it works like normal therapy only on your phone or tablet. You will be offered a lilmited number of consultations. The service is delivered by Coperiosenteret.

Book video consultation with a psychologist

This is how you get started. it is important that you follow the steps below. If you book the appointment in other ways you will have to pay for it.

1: Go to

2: Click on "Logg inn"

3: Log in, or click on "Registrer Deg" (register) if you do not already have an account on Cope

4: Click on "Bestill time" (book appointment) in your profile. Here you can book an appointment with the psychologist you wish to speak with.

5: Remember to download the app after booking the appointment.

As a student, you can of course always contact us at or 950 90 383 if you want help with booking or have other questions about our system.