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Every Saturday we invite you to a new social activity. One of the most popular events we have had, was bowling, so we're doing that one more time! Come regardless of level - and enjoy that SiS pays the bill. Come in a group or alone - it's a great way to get to know new people!:) There is a limited number of spots, so sign up now :)

Update: Since this event is already full, we have made two extra slots. Those who already are signed up for this event (by 8th of October at 7 AM) will go from 8.30-10.30 PM, and this slot is full. The two other slots are from 4-6 PM and 6.15-8.15 PM, and can be signed on to below. Please meet up five to ten minutes before the event starts.

We are looking forward to bowling with you!

Registration for 4-6 PMRegistration for 4-6 PMRegistration for 6.15-8.15 PMRegistration for 6.15-8.15 PM