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Norway has opened up and we can finally have the festival SiS planned in September - this time together with StOr! Studentenes Hus and the student bar Tappetårnet have a 10 year anniversary, and together we will build a festival area and provide THE social happening of all times for students from all over the region! Are you ready for the biggest free event for students in the region ever? (NOTE: As all our events, this is a closed event, only for students from Stavanger/Sandnes and nearby.)

The festival area is open from 6-11 PM all three days, and the program will be filled with everything from music bingo to great artists and stand-up! Not least, "tappere" and food trucks are there to ensure good drinks and food! True festival style, for students only, and a tent that holds 22 degrees celsius and will be filled with more than 1000 students. This is definitely an event you don't want to miss! And did we mention that it's totally free for you?

There will be no registration, so it is wise to show up early to be guaranteed a spot!

We are counting down!

NOTE: You must have a student ID and valid ID to enter the festival area

Food trucks and artists will be released in the Facebook-event continuously! Press going/interested on the event to get all the info:)