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Kriminell Kunst X Asfalt - 26 April 2024
Is there anything that creates a better atmosphere than Kiminell Kunst? Hardly!
That's why the street magazine Asfalt has invited them to Fiskepiren to celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary.

This festive evening will give Asfalt sellers an experience out of the ordinary - which they can enjoy from their own VIP area. We hope that everyone who is a fan of either Asfalt or Kriminell Kunst will get tickets to join the celebration and to show the sellers that they have the city behind them.

The street magazine Asfalt is sold by people with drug experience and for 15 years has made sure to give them an opportunity to earn honest money. The tough economic times we are in also affect us and therefore the profit from this concert goes back to Asfalt, so that we can continue the work we do for people with drug problems in Rogaland.

Mablis is involved as a co-organiser after many years of collaboration driven by a common goal to promote inclusion and diversity.