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Festival tickets in shape of a T-shirt

All the institutions have festival T-shirts as entrance ticket and all the T-shirts have the same "Fadderfestivalen 2022"-print. By wearing the T-shirt you get access to every event in the program. This means you need to wear this T-shirt every day in week 33, which makes it easier for you to spot fellow students. The fadders and fadderleaders (students that will take care of you during the festival) have their own colors. This makes is easier to spot them and contributes to a safer festival :) For UiS' students the ticket prize is NOK 450, and this will be payed when you get your T-shirt from your fadder the first time you meet them.

New students' (fadderkids) T-shirts - make it into your own!

Sustainbility and environment are important factors during this year's festival, and together with D2 Merch we make sure all the new students get "second hand"-T-shirts or T-shirts that otherwise would get thrown away. The theme for this festival is colorsplash, and as a fadderkid you can make your T-shirt your own, either by cutting, drawing or coloring it! The only important thing is that you keep the logos visible. Here are some tips on how to tiedye. You get the T-shirts from your fadder the first day you meet at the festival. Many fadders and fadderleaders have already planned what you are going to do together when it comes to decorating your T-shirts :)

Fadders and fadderleaders - easy to recognize

Fadders and fadderleaders have only one color on their T-shirts to make them easier to spot in the crowd. Together with the fadder board, they will make sure you have a safe and including week! Their T-shirts are certified with the highest sustainability ranking, ordered through D2 Merch.