Hopp til hovedinnhold

Are faith and science incompatible? Do all religions lead to God? Is Christianity misogynistic? Why do Christians care so much about human sexuality? Isn't religion the cause of all wars? Why doesn't God stop pain and suffering? Where did Cain get his wife?
Whether you are a deep thinker or not, this is for you! We are creating a space that will bring together students of different worldviews to freely discuss things that matter to them in a relaxed environment. The main part of the event will be 'Grill A Christian'—a question-and-answer session with a panel of Christians that can stand the heat of tough questions. We are a community of students excited to host you so that you can ask Christians ANY QUESTIONS you have ever wanted to ask. Food and drinks will be served.

Registration required- https://app.checkin.no/event/68589/dialogue-night-grill-a-christian