Hopp til hovedinnhold

We invite you to a fun and social evening, befriending the city and the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Meet and connect with entrepreneurs and professionals, developers and designers, international and locals - and not least entrepreneurial students and the future founders in Stavanger.

This will be the night you might find that co-founder, your new colleague or employer, or the friendly sidekick that brings us through the winter!

After the event we invite you to join the Speedfriending nach - where you can continue the conversation with those you got on well with, or meet those you have not met yet. It's a fun and low key social hangout, where we stay behind or go together to a nearby venue.

So, what is Speedfriending?
Speedfriending is speeddating’s friendly and fun twin sister, where the goal is to friendzone strangers through engaging and enjoyable conversations. You´ll have ten conversations that last for seven minutes, with a small break halfway. We´ve made a set of questions that we present from the stage, and time will fly by faster than you think.

We've organized over 250 Speedfriending events all over the Nordics, and are now teaming up with Stavanger kommune, to get great minded people talking and befriending.

Feel free to bring your friends and colleagues, but try to sit shoulder to shoulder or spread out at the venue, so you don't end up talking with people you already know.