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Spire´'s exchange program SEED is coming to Stavanger to have a workshop about agriculture and climate justice. They will talk about how countries, like Norway, have a huge historical responsibility for climate change, while its countries in the global south, like Malawi, bear the burden. More specifically, SEED will focus on how climate change, such as cyclones and drought, is affecting the agriculture and food security in Malawi.

SEED stands for Solidarity Exchange for the Environment and Development. In this program there are two participants from Norway and two from Malawi. The participants spent the fall semester in Malawi, where they worked with the Spire´s partner organization, Point of progress (PoP). During the exchange, the participants learn about agriculture, climate justice, development, gender equality and youth participation.

We will order food, so please press “going” if you want to come :))

The workshop will be in english and starts at 16.30. Location will be updated in the FB-event.

Hope to see you there!