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We will mark the world's mental health day in week 40 by offering a new cooking course with nutritional physiologist Svanhild Ådnanes. The goal is to get together to make good and healthy food, and at the same time enjoy the community with a good meal.

Tasty, fast and cheap food! We make totally different colorful, tasty dishes that you can make at home without a lot of equipment. You will also get a recipe booklet to take home with you.

The course provides a quick introduction to which foods we need more of and the importance of prioritizing meals. We reflect on the healthy community that happens in a meal and talk a little about food and finances. Then we make the food and eat it together.

A great opportunity to meet other food-loving people who are curious about diet and the value of making good food, and eating together.

Time: Tuesday 5th of October at 15:00 - 17:30

Location: The kitchen in Hagbart Line house 3rd floor: HL-U305 Link:

Lecturer: Nutritional physiologist Svanhild Ådnanes

Note: The course is free, but there is a fee of 300 NOK if you keep a place you do not use. The cancellation deadline is at 15:00 the day before the course.

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