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9 am: Door opens
- Coffee and tea served

9:30–9:40 am: Opening remarks: Crossroads and transitions
- Daniel Wetzel, head of tracking sustainable transitions unit, International Energy Agency (online)

9.45–10.40 am: Session 1: The climate crisis and the global response
- Moderator: Oluf Langhelle, Head of Department, Department of Media and Social Sciences, UiS
- Steffen Kallbekken, research director, CICERO (online)
- Dolly and Finn Arne Jørgensen, professors in environmental historians, University of Stavanger Department of Cultural Studies and Languages

10.45–11.25 am: Session 2: Energy technologies: barriers and solutions
- Moderator: Helleik Syse, PhD-Fellow, University of Stavanger Future Energy Hub
- Øystein Arild, head of department, University of Stavanger Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering
- Mohsen Assadi, Professor in Gas Technology, University of Stavanger Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering
- Alexander Rothkopf, professor in physics, University of Stavanger Department of Mathematics and Physics
- Brage Johansen, ex-Zaptec, ex-Heimdall, current Chairman of Baseline Energy

11.30–12.00: Lunch served

11.45 am–12.25 pm: Lunch talk: how to reach carbon neutrality?
- Klaus Mohn, rector, University of Stavanger/member, Norwegian Government’s 2050 Climate Change Committee
- Kjell Roland, former director, Norfund (Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries)/member, Norwegian Government’s Energy Commission

12.30–1.25 pm: Session 3: Energy transition in a risky world
- Moderator: Hilde Øvrebekk, commentator, Stavanger Aftenblad
- Geir Westgaard, senior adviser of geopolitics and energy, Equinor
- Grethe Meisingset, partner, Hitecvision
- Paal Brimsø Rogdeberg, senior Associate, Nysnø

1.30–2 pm: Session 4: Lykkeland 2.0: Rogaland’s role in making the future
- Moderator: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communication Director, ONS
- Anne Woie, Head of Economic Development and International Affairs, Stavanger kommune
- Kristian Gautesen, CEO, Endra
- Gunnar Birkeland, CEO, Source Galileo
- Geir Voster, sales director, Beyonder

2.05–3 pm: Session 5: Ripple Effects: Societal perspectives
- Moderator: Poppy Kalesi, International relations coordinator, Rogaland Fylkeskommune
- Siddhart Sareen, Associate Professor in Energy and Environment, University of Stavanger Department of Media and Social Sciences
- Anders Riel Müller, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger Department of Safety, Economics and Planning
- Two students

3–5 pm: Mingling and networking