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Welcome to a concert with perhaps the world's most anticipated band: Daman Shurek.

The boy band, who don't joke around and take everything seriously, play rock music without really thinking about what they're doing. It sounds a bit like a smoked-in sofa from the 90s that has been burnt up and peed on, and attempted to be restored without success. A little charm, a little disgusting and thoroughly delicious. They will release their debut album in February on Fücking North Pole Records.

"A concert experience hard to forget; for better or worse. Do you have pent-up aggression but want to avoid a medium-long prison sentence? Go to a Daman Shurek concert!” - Studvest, Vill Vill Vest 2022

"The band drags us through a sonic ordeal that I suspect feels like a good and a bad trip colliding." - Råkkfolk, 2020

Sleggekunst is included as support:
Westland. Deep thickets. Sheep. Fog. Beer. Love. Hate. Kangaroos in sight. Welcome to Karmøy where dialect rock kicks harder than ever. With roots in older and modern rock traditions, Sleggekunst serves you a platter of energetic vocals, delicious bass, fat guitar riffs and a drum beat that makes the rock crowd go wild. The band consists of a trio of boys with their feet firmly planted on the ground, where the focus is on soaring energy and rawness. If you like good old fashion rock tones and a stiff neck the next day, Sleggekunst is a must.