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Join us for an informal crash course on how to turn an idea into your business! Always wanted to start something yourself? Or maybe you are simply interested in learning more about entrepreneurship. Everyone is welcome!

Get introduced to Skape! Skape delivers competence and guidance aimed at new business in Rogaland, and can help and guide you through the firs phase of a start-up. The event is hosted by LevelUp and Skape, and is open for all students who want to learn more about how to proceed when starting a business.

There will be served food!

Do you wish to attend? Register here:

On the agenda:
1. Brief introduction of LevelUp and Skape
2. We will together go through everything from early-phase where you only have an idea or concept, to how to find the customer and apply for funding from Innovation Norway.

The event will be held at Lyspæren and is open for all students!

If you have any questions about the event please contact

Hope to see you there 😃