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This Saturday we are offering you a trip out of the county - to Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park! It's the most frequently visited attraction in Norway, that you need to see during your stay in the country:) They have a lot of different activities, like a ghost house, adventure games, carousels and performances. And of course the natural zoo with animals from many different parts of the world living at wide open spaces. Few parks cover such a variety!

At this event it's smart to bring extra clothes (in case you get wet on one of the activities) and your student ID. We will pay for the bus trip, entrance to Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, as well as food and refreshments on the way to Kristiansand. The other meals you have to bring from home, buy yourself at a shop during a break in Mandal or buy yourself in the park.

The form will close when the event is full, so make sure to register as soon as the registration opens! (But be sure that you are able to go, so you don't take a spot from someone else!)

The registration opens at 10th of October at 13 PM.

Questions about this event? Send an email to Samuel:

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