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Kristine Blir Rapper (NO/DA/SE)

Rapper, actor, theater director and speaker Kristine Utne Stiberg has both confused and amazed the Norwegian music industry with her meteoric career. "Possibly the year's city: Noisy gig" and "lives up to all the hype", GAFFA wrote after the first concert night at the festival, and "Kristine Blir Rapper" caught the attention of NRK news when they learned that she managed to be booked before a single song was released. As a stage artist, she has been in the "game" for over 10 years, and performed on the National Theatre's main stage as a 16-year-old. A stage show like no other can therefore be expected every time "Kristine Blir Rapper" performs live, together with her spectacular dance crew. As if this were not enough, she writes and raps in a completely self-composed mixture of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish - or "trans-Scandinavian" - and thereby brings the Kalmar union back, before we knew that it was actually what we needed. Look forward to @kristineblirapper_official