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Struggling to think of a thesis topic and wanting the opportunity to have access to more resources? Join us at “Urban Energy: Find Your Thesis,” a unique opportunity hosted by Nordic Edge and Future Energy Hub at the University of Stavanger!💡

At this event, students have the chance to connect with companies and discover compelling topics in the realm of urban energy innovation for their bachelor's or master's theses. It's a rare opportunity to gain valuable insights into real-life company challenges and craft a thesis that can make a meaningful impact! 🧑‍🎓🌱

Join us at Innoasis from 17:00 to 19:00. The event kicks off with presentations from the companies, followed by mingling sessions where students and companies can interact and explore potential collaborations. There will be free soda and pizza as well!

Thesis themes span a wide spectrum with roots in urban energy innovation. Possible topics would include energy efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, sustainability, and more. If your background or interests lie with urban energy innovation, the odds of finding a thesis at this event that aligns with your interests and background are exceptionally high! ✏️⚙️🔍

If interested, sign-up using the link as there are limited spots for this event: