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Festival ticket in the form of a T-shirt

Absolutely all the institutions have the festival T-shirts as an entrance ticket, and all have the same "Fadderfestival 2022"-print :) By wearing the T-shirt, you get access to all the events in the program. So you have to wear the T-shirt the whole week 33, this also makes it easy to see which of the people around you that are new students and that also participate in the festival! :) The fadders and the fadder leaders, the students who take care of you during the week, have their own colors. This way they are easy to recognize and you get a safer festival experience :)

VID Vitenskapelige Høgskole Stavanger

The t-shirts for the fadderkids (the new students) are white. The theme for the festival is colorsplash, and as a fadderbarn you are welcome to make the T-shirts your very own, by cutting it, drawing / writing on it and coloring it as desired! The only thing that matters is that all the logos are visible. Here are tips on how to tiedye. You get the t-shirts from your fadders / the fadder board the first day in week 33. Maybe you can join together in coloring the T-shirts?

To make it easy for you to recognize the fadders and the board's T-shirts, they are orange, pink and green. The design shown above is the same for all T-shirts.

BI Stavanger

All the fadderkids gets white T-shirts and match the rest of the universities' festival T-shirts. The fadders get purple T-shirts, so it will be easier for you to recognize them. The T-shirts will be delivered at campus the first two days.

Noroff Stavanger

More information will come later.