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We are really proud of this year's sponsors, and greatful for all the things we can offer the new students thanks to them! Get to know our different sponsors here :)

Activity proposers

The activity proposers in Stavanger and around contributes to letting the new students experience the different activity offers! Take a look at the different offers you can use after the fadder festival as well :)

Nightlife partners

The nightlife in Stavanger is completely unique and we believe this has the most student involvment in the country :) Take a look at our lovely partners from the city's nightlife.

Merch and festival tickets

D2 Merch is a locally based supplier that focuses on sustainbility. This year they print 5000 festival T-shirts for us. Together we make sure the new students will get "second hand" T-shirts or T-shirts that would have gotten thrown away. This to help the environment :)

Provider of the fadderlandsby (festival area)

Eventi never says no to student initiatives and has delivered the festival area to Fadder UiS for many years. Together with Eventi we make sure the Fadderfestival in Stavanger is different from all the other fadderweeks in the rest of the country! Eventi knows their events ;)


Kolumbus offers in general the cheapest student ticket in Norway and sponsors free transport ticket in week 33 (the fadder week) for all new students. This way we can make sure everyone gets home and gets to know the good public transport service they offer :)