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Sports Performance

The Sports Performance department at SiS sports center opened in August 2013. This is a 600 square meter floor that offers a fusion of elite sports, strongman, performance/bootcamp and traditional strength training.

Here you will find training challenges in the form of so-called "monkey bars", "wall-balls", "bumper plates" - and a large selection of rowing machines and racks. In addition, the performance department has a 60-metre running track, ergometer bikes and treadmills.

Purpose: To create a functional and effective form of training in motivating lives - with a focus also on the social aspect.

Welcome to Sports Performance

SiS sports center offers varied group lessons with tough and motivating instructors. Whether you are well trained or untrained, it doesn't matter!

This is a training method that is built up with varied and functional movements performed with high intensity. All sessions vary in content and structure, and suit all levels. This class pays off both in terms of strength and endurance, but also challenges your agility, explosiveness and coordination. In other words, a complete training session that requires the whole body to work.