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If you have received a contract after the draw by ordinary allocation on 15 April, you must sign and accept the contract within seven days. If you cancel after 22 July, you must pay rent for two (2) months (Section 4 of the Lease).

Signing of the contract

Signing of the contract

When you receive an offer for housing from us, you can choose to be notified by e-mail, SMS or push notification. You can sign (accept) or decline the offer either in the app, or in the menu under contracts. Here you will also find information about which housing/housing type you have been given and when your response deadline is.

Your lease is signed using BankID, or by printing, signing and uploading the contract as a .pdf file to our website. You will lose your offer if you do not respond to the received offer within the deadline. If you still want to live with us, you must go through the application process again. Once you have signed your lease, all you have to do is look forward to moving in!