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Dental support

SiS cooperates with five dental offices (listed below). If you use one of these offices, we will pay 50 % of your expenses, up to 10.000 NOK per study year per student, as long as you are associated with SiS (enrolled student at either UiS, VID Sandnes, VID Stavanger, BI Stavanger, Kunstskolen i Rogaland or Noroff fagskole). You have to have paid the semester fee for the semester in which the treatment takes place. If you are an exchange student, this does not apply, and you only need to state your student number and inform the dentist(s) that you are an exchange student.

Please read this before booking an appointment:

  • Dental support from SiS only applies if you use one of the dental offices that SiS has an agreement with at any given time, during their regular business hours/opening hours. You’ll find an updated list at the bottom of this page.
  • Remember to inform the dental office you choose, that you’re a student associated with SiS. Bring your student pass when you go in for treatment.
  • SiS does not cover expenses related to cosmetic treatment.
  • If the whole bill, or part of it, is covered by Helfo, insurance, NAV, your municipality or others, you will not receive support from SiS. This applies to for example: Removal of wisdom teeth, or other surgical procedures.
  • The study year lasts from august 15th to July 1st. To use dental support during the summer holidays, you have to have paid the semester fee for both spring and fall semesters

You do not have to send in any form to use dental support – everything is taken care of at the dental office. You pay 50 % of the bill, and we pay the rest.

If your 19th or 20th birthday is in the same year as your treatment, you can choose to use a public dental office, and only pay 25% of the bill. The Public Dental Health Service will pay the rest. Note that this has nothing to do with SiS. You can read more here. Click on this link for an overview of the offices you can use.

SiS cooperates with the following dental offices: