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1st grade at the Art School in Stavanger welcomes you to the annual exhibition «» at Rogaland Art Center from Friday 13 May at 18.00!

Exhibition period: 13 May - 29 May 2022

Open Thursday - Friday at 11.00-18.00 and Saturday - Sunday at 12.00-19.00

(Note! Closed all day 19.05 and 20.05 due to exams)

Exhibiting students: H.W.A, Helene Torkildsen, Morgan Eli, Xcenbit, Ingvild Blome, Juliette Kvarme Larsen, LO, Sander Viste Mehus, TAY, Demilè Gustytè, MC Dügler, Christopher Roger Omland, Sofie Tveitnes, Benedikte Haneferd, August Gjevik Hagen, Michael Jones, Stine Søyland, Tom Holthe Enoksen