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Rethink the future through cutting edge technology at AEC Hackathon. Join us for a weekend of learning, collaboration and innovation!

To attend the Hackathon, the only requirement is that you are interested in collaborating with others to solve urban challenges.
Participants don’t have to be familiar with coding or hacking to attend. Whether you are a tech professional, property owner, student, company, nerd, or just interested in collaborating with others to improve the built environment, this is the place for you.

Over the course of three days, groups come together to solve challenges with designers and developers from the AEC industry. The challenges can be based on your everyday work life or a larger challenge presented to you by an organization.
In addition, you will get the chance to gain new knowledge through inspirational talks held by professionals from the industry. At the end of the Hackaton, each group will present their solution to a jury who will crown a winner.

You can join individually or as a group. If you join with a group, be prepared to open up your group for participants from companies.

Questions? Contact Malin Petrea Jørgenvåg at