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Are you tired of the ordinery bars? Are you curious about what a modern meeting place looks like? 🙋‍♂️
On Saturday March 5th, "Bar ala Haven" will be arranged for the very first time! Wondering if this is something for you and your gang? See below here.

Are you familiar with esport and gaming? Great! 👏
Do you have very little or no experience in this area? EVEN BETTER! 🥳🥳
This evening there is nTis evening there is no requirement for either level, interest or experience.🤝
There will be a CS tournament for those who want to participate, there will be VR, driving swimming and other innovative forms of entertainment. At the same time you can enjoy beer, wine and cider from the bar.
VR while under the influence? Drunk driving in Formula 1? Whats not to love? 😂🥳
Bring your gang, or come alone. These are the meeting places of the future, and you are most welcome to us ❤️
Free admission and participation.