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If you haven't danced Lindy Hop before or maybe you have been to one of our classes, then this is the class for you. We will focus on the basic steps and figures with a comfortable pace in class.

First class is free!

Lindy Hop
The Lindy Hop is a partner dance developed alongside the Jazz of the 1920s-1940s and therefore has a syncopated rhythm that matches the music. The dance is characterised by an 8 count basic, with 6 count and Charleston moves as key accessories to the standard vocabulary. It is arguably the most energetic of the swing dances!

You will find us right next to Badedammen, Verven 24A, KRA. Walk down the alleyway at the right side of the "Gypsy Joker" sign, and you will fint the entry. Walk up a couple of flights of stairs and you will hear some jazz music, and you'll know you are at the right place.

Welcome! You do not need to bring a partner.