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In Maskinhallen: 3 experimental concerts with a high factor of noise, drones, field recordings, microtonality and personality.
GAUTRE GRANLI - electric guitar, vocals, effects
BRITISH WORK (ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE) Jens Borge - double bass, pedal steel Heidi Kvelvane - saxophone Kristoffer Alberts - saxophone Signe Irene Time - vocals Ivar Asheim - percussion and percussion
SPECTRO DUO - TRAVELERS Martyna Kosecka - vocals, synth, objects & electronics Idin Samimi Mofakham - electric guitar, alto saxophone

Spectro Duo with Martyna Kosecka and Idin Samimi Mofakham focuses on drones, noise, overtones, glitches, field recording transformation, microtonality and non-western voice systems. Driven by artistic expression and social awareness, they aim to inspire the public with diverse and captivating works and introduce new ways of seeing society and the world. They are currently on a tour called "Trailblazers", which summarizes the musicians' experiences as immigrants traveling between different countries and finding a creative base in Norway.
The duo performs the work TRAVELERS, which consists of the compositions Pathway, Stowaway and Lost and which uses material from field recordings made on 17 May 2020 during the celebration of Norway's National Day. The compositions are about settling into new societies, about unfamiliar customs and about dealing with change.
The composing musician JENS BORGE has asked an incomparable group of artists to perform the work CRIME. "What you're doing is noise! And if you don't get out of here I'm going to confiscate your instrument!" threatened a police constable from Sør-Vest (music) Police District Borge in an antiphonic concert called Frijazz mot Racisme. At this concert, Borge tries for half an hour to make amends for himself and the sonic offence. The musical content is related to American contemporary music and jazz and is a processing of field recordings from various antiphonic works Borge has organised. BROSTSVERK is with and by Jens Borge - double bass and pedal steel, Heidi Kvelvane - saxophone, Kristoffer Alberts - saxophone, Signe Irene Time - vocals, Ivar Asheim - percussion and percussion.

The experimentalist Gaute Granli from Stavanger has been active with his solo project for over 10 years. He is sometimes associated with deconstructed guitar music, but has recently focused on vocal methods and the use of his own voice. He develops coral drones which he combines with psychedelic, melted percussion figures and guitar. Granli has released albums on, among others, Drid Machine Records, Ultra Eczema, Feeding Tube and Éditions Cave12. He has also carried out extensive tours mainly in Europe and the USA, but also in South East Asia, Mexico and Russia. Granli also works in other constellations such as Firmaet Forvoksen with Thore Warland and Rump State with ex Sightings member Mark Morgan.
"You want to believe Gaute has a choir tied up in his studio while he jumps around the room hitting random instruments and blasting space lasers into the air, or that he has somehow entered the subconscious ping-pong chamber of Harmet Geerken's brain. But facts argue against both these notions. Somewhere, in a room in Stavanger Norway, Gaute Granli just sat his ass down and created a crazy, cartoony universe of avant-garde mystery and hijinks. Maybe the keyboards are his. I don't know and frankly, I don't care. However he manages to conjure up these jungles of adventure, disguised as songs, I think it's a pretty amazing trick. And who but a fucking dud really wants to know the details of how magic works?». - Byron Coley, Feeding Tube Records in 2023.
The concert is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council and Stavanger municipality