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Revolutionary tells the story of the Russian Revolution and Alexandra Kollontai’s rebellion.

A rebellion against the tsar, her husband, her parents, Lenin, Stalin, and the bourgeoisie. Kollontai leaves the safety of the aristocracy to start a new life in a Europe at the brink of war. Failed by her contemporaries, a female rebel is erased as the victors write history. A fast-paced political drama where fiction and history meet physical theatre, dance and a visual journey through time and space. The stage becomes a circus ring where Lenin conducts bourgeois clowns and rebellious fire breathers. Welcome to the circus! Join the revolution!

Revolutionary is the first performance in Volya Teater’s series about revolutionary women. Led by Stavanger artist Emilie Hetland, with a large international ensemble directed by Irish-American Katie O’Halloran.

This performance will be in English.

organizer: Volya Teater