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Sometimes it's easier to be social over a joint activity, and if there is one thing that is certain, it is that students need physical activity in their everyday life! It affects the brain positively, and is important in an everyday life with a lot of sitting still.

Every Monday there will be SportyMonday with UiSI! They offer a new sport every time, and during the autumn you can get tested or just enjoy a number of different sports. This time it will be golf! We fix the entrance and all the equipment, and you need absolutely no prior knowledge - some coaches will come and teach. Test out golf and meet other students! :)

PS: Please bring a rain coat if you have, you never know what kind of weather the autumn in Stavanger will bring:)

Meet-up at the golf club or in Stavanger city centre to take bus X44 from Stavanger bus terminal 5 at 4.35 PM.

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