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Startup Booster Fall 2022 🔥
LevelUp UiS is pleased to invite innovative students and ideas to a new round of Startup Booster!
Startup Booster is a program with the goal of accelerating your business idea, where we together with experts go through the most important elements of starting up.
We meet once a week on tuesdays 17:00 - 21:00.

Success is not just about the product or service you want to deliver. Other factors such as how to pitch your idea to investors, financing, who you’re working with and how you can find the right market for your product, are at least as important!
The program wants to give you the support you need and a "step by step" guide on how to best proceed, NO MATTER where you may be in the process at the start of the program.

The course starts on September 13, is physical and runs over 8 weeks. More information about dates and content can be found on the event page.
✨The program is open to all students, regardless of your field of study ✨ and is suitable for students with an idea or student-driven company who want to test and further develop their innovative idea through a tailored program. The program addresses various elements and phases of start-up and developing a product or service.
It is not a requirement to have established a company or to have a full-fledged team before and during the course. Our only requirement is that you are a student, and that you are enthusiastic about your idea!
The program is provided by UiS LevelUp, includes food during each session, and is completely free for participating students.

You can easily sign up for the program through the link here:
The application deadline is September 10th.
In the form, we ask some simple questions and want you to tell us about your idea and motivation for joining the program.

Briefly about the program:
The program starts on Tuesday 13 September and runs over 8 weeks, with one gathering each week Tuesday in the evening (17:00 - 21:00). We finish off with a demo day for all participants at the end of the program where you will pitch your idea. The program takes a break during the autumn holidays. Through the program, you will get to socialize, with other students interested in entrepreneurship and connect with the startup ecosystem here in Stavanger!

The physical sessions will consist of learning modules within the subject we cover that week. This means, for example, that week 1 introduces elements of market clarification and estimating the market for your idea.
Each session lasts 3-4 hours with required attendance from one from each team.
The aim of the program is to get students to early validate their business idea, build up basic competence and tools for concept development, as well as prepare more students for the establishment of companies and financing.

Any and all questions about the program or entrepreneurship can be sent to

We hope to see all of you on the 13th of September at Lyspæren Innovation House!