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Welcome to an intimate concert on the roof terrace at Tom And Lello with the amazing singer and rapper Izabell. Meet new students or take your friends with you on a memorable evening in one of the most wonderful places in the city - this time, for the very first time, 18 years entrance at the whole place! After the intimate concert, there will be a DJ show with Doc Lello and Tom Boye themselves. This is definitely an evening you do not want to miss! The ticket is covered by SiS and is free.

The weather cast is not the best - but of course you will be under a roof and be able to keep completely dry. Let's hear the raindrops over us while we enjoy our very own intimate concert <3

We collaborate with Hei! at this event, an app for students where you can get to know other students. Come with your friends or use the opportunity to get to know new people!:) It's first come, first served at this event - secure your ticket in the Hei! app now to get to know new people, or sign up in our system below!

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