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We invite you to this semester's LAN with competitions in CS, Smash, LoL, Mario Kart, Star Craft II, and other games, at Lyspæren innovasjonshus. Remember to sign up in time (as we need to make sure there is a network connection and table for you. Bring your friends and teammates!
* If you do not have your own gaming rig, there are 5 gaming computers available for use at Lyspæren
* if you have a hard time with transporting yourself/your computer feel free to ask around with people on our discord, and someone else might be able to help you out

UiSI e-sport has regular gaming sessions at Lyspæren in various games, and if your favorite title is not represented we can start a new group for it!


Påmelding innen 25.03.22

Register via google forms hereRegister via google forms here