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Did you know that students have free entry to the Archaeological Museum and the Jernaldergården? Take the trip to Jernaldergården with your fellow students, and experience life in the older Iron Age. Sit around the hearth and hear stories from everyday life 1,500 years ago. It gives a strange feeling to sit like this and know that right here around this hearth a family sat 1,500 years ago!

Jernaldergården on Ullandhaug is a reconstructed farm from the migration period, approx. 350 – 550 AD. The farm is located at the top of Ullandhaug, approx. 3 km from the center of Stavanger, with a magnificent view over Nord-Jæren and Hafrsfjord. As the only one of its kind in Norway, the farm has been rebuilt on the remains of a farm from the migration period. The three houses are furnished with equipment and household utensils, and a live fire burns in the original fireplaces.

Out in the longhouses, you will meet the farm's people. The housewife weaves on the loom.

There will be a tour in Norwegian at 12.00 and 13.00 in English.

We have a lot to tempt both in the museum shop and in the cafe!

NB! Remember to bring your student ID.

Welcome to Jernaldergården at Ullandhaug!