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Expansion of the SiS sports center - Q&A

Q: Why have you moved the entrance and parking?

A: The city's biggest sports center is getting even bigger and rougher! Climbing, squash, performance, padel tennis, saddles and equipment - we will have most of it. On the way there, we have to adapt to the construction a bit. Therefore, there will be a bit of reconstruction here and there until it is finished at the end of 2024.

Q: Where is the parking? How long can I stand for free?

A: The car park is at the front of the building as before, but now on the other side of the road. It is clearly marked with SiS sports centre, and you can park there for free for 2 hours. Non student members can also get a parking permit from the reception at SiS sportssenter as there are limited parking lots for non students.

Q: How do I get from the car park to the sports centre?

A: If you are standing in the car park and looking at SiS sportssenter, follow the entrance signs

Q: Occasionally I hear a beeping/howling alarm, followed by a drone. What is this?

A: It is blasting work in connection with the new water and drainage system for the sports centre. The alarm goes off to warn of an explosion, and stops when it is done.

Q: Will the redevelopment affect the offer at the sports center in the future?

A: SiS sports center will remain open as normal, but it there will be some small adjustments along the way to adapt to the building plans. For example, it may happen that we have to take a planned performance class in the hall outside one day, or that a wall has to be moved in one room, so we therefore have to move to another.