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This is the Fadder board for this year's festival. We have worked with the festival for over a year and are looking so much forward to welcoming you!

Team "Deltakeransvarlig" (participants responibility) makes sure that your fadders are ok and help them and the fadder leaders along the way with creating a good experience for you.

Team "Trygghet & Inkludering" (safety and inclusion) works to secure that you get a safe and inclusive experience. If something is not as it should be, you can contact them directly during the festival! In addition, they are responsible for all the activities that do not belong in the category "nightlife".

Team Event is mainly responsible for the festival area and for organizing the events within the category "nightlife". They are very much looking forward for all the student to fill the festival area for the first time!


Get to know each of us better under "styret☀️ " in highlights!