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Map of Fadderlandsbyen 2022

Map of Fadderlandsbyen 2022

Our own festival area only for the Fadderfestival 2022

Fadder is building its very own festival area, "Fadderlandsbyen 2022" (the fadder village), for everyone who participates in the Fadderfestival 2022! This is different from all other fadder weeks in the country. "Fadderlandsbyen" is on around incredible 17,000 sqm and has the capacity for absolutely everyone who participates in the festival. So here you will always have a spot! Here, there will be various food trucks, serving of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic goods by the student bar, Tappetårnet, and various stands from relevant organizations for you as a student. So in "Fadderlandsbyen" you will meet a lot of the different things you can experience as a student in Stavanger!

In addition, there will be many different activities: Everything from a water slide and a volleyball tournament, to music bingo and singalong karaoke, plus several different concerts from both smaller and world-renowned artists. In the program you will get more information about what will happen on the different days.

We thank our supplier, Eventi, for the important collaboration associated with "Fadderlandsbyen".